About Dharul Ilm

About Dharul Ilm Academy

The need for educating our children about Islam in a way that they embody the values of our religion in thought and action in a natural way is vital. At the same time, it was recognised that our children also need support and guidance with their school work, so that they have balanced learning in life.

Our aim is to educate our children in a manner that they grow into adulthood as confident Muslims, aware of their identity and responsibilities. They will be able to deal with challenges that they will face in life and be able to navigate their way confidently in the multi – cultural society they live in. it is hoped they will learn life skills that enable them to excel in a holistic manner – in their personal, social, spiritual, educational and professional lives.

To pursue excellence in providing Islamic school education to the next generation, at Dharul Ilm academy:

  • We provide the children with Islamic, child –centered and structured learning environment.
  • We have put together a Islamic syllabus that is broad and balanced, covering Qaida, Tajweed, Quran, Hifl, Arabic, Fiqh, Morals and Manners, Duas, Islamic stories, life of the Prophet (Seerah) and Islamic history.
  • We have selected teachers who can relate to, listen to and motivate children to excel.
  • We use age-appropriate learning methods and materials to make learning enjoyable.
  • We involve the parents in the education of their children by giving home works, progress updates and arranging parents meeting.