Dharul Ilm

It is our aim to provide an Islamic, safe and structured learning environment for our children. Our pursuit of educational excellence is based upon our unshakeable belief that every person is unique and special and has the capacity within themselves to succeed.

Our job as a school is to help each and every young person discover their unique talents. It is our hope that with your support and involvement in your child’s education, as well as our commitment from teachers and staff, we can provide an Islamic atmosphere for the children to grow in knowledge.

A Hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us, ‘People are like treasures – just like treasures of gold and silver.’ As we know, gold and silver do not simply come out of the ground ready to be made into jewellery. Much effort is spent finding the gold and extracting it from the ground. Craftsmen then labour for hours on end to turn it into something of beauty.