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Planning permission by Milton Keynes council has been granted on 10th July 2012, ref 11/02500/ful, to build Fishermead community centre.

SLMCF MK has an appropriate plan for sustainability and capital funding, and a Business Plan that encompasses the proposed project.

About Us

The majority of Muslim ethnic communities are concentrated in the Central Milton Keynes, Fishermead, Springfield and Oldbrook area of which are from all part of the world. Muslim communities are from Middle East, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya , Somalia and etc.

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Please donate for the centre to establish community activities including five time prayers and jumma currently the Muslim in Milton Keynes temporarily hiring hall from community centres and church. We need urgently £400,000 ($650,000) to start the first phase immediately. There are several ways you can contribute to make a big difference and impact on your people.

Approved by the Milton Keynes Community Foundation