Learning and Discipline

Learning and Discipline

About Discipline

Dharul Ilm academy expects its students and teachers to live up to high standards. We will not tolerate bad or inappropriate behaviour from anybody and we reserve the right to discipline such behaviours or to expel students who display such behaviours consistently, without regards to anybody else.

Dharul Ilm academy will also recognise the good behaviour and positive actions of students. Good behaviour will be noted by verbal praises, award of certificates and positive feedback to parents.


These rules can only be fully accomplished if there is mutual understanding of responsibilities and co-operation between teachers, parents and children alike.

General Rules

  1. Students must observe Islamic dress-code and must be neat and tidy at all times. Guidance notes on clothing & haircut should be read & implemented accordingly.
  2. The parents must see that the student learns his/her lessons for at least half an hour before sleeping and in the morning.
  3. The parents must ensure the student has prepared his/her lessons prior to coming to DHARUL ILM.
  4. The DHARUL ILM has the full right to dismiss any student for misconduct or breach of rules and regulations and he/she will have no legal remedy against the DHARUL ILM.
  5. All parents are required to participate in any functions organized by the Dharul Ilm in regards to the child which includes parent’s evenings, Jalsa’s etc.


Punctuality of Time/Early Leave & Vacation

  1. All children must arrive 5 minutes prior to class commencing at the latest, after which the doors will be closed.
  2. Students will be expected to respect the times of Dharul Ilm, attend on time and leave only after the time has expired. No excuse will be valid for coming late or staying absent except where permission is sought by telephone or letter prior to the incident.
  3. A child wishing to take early leave due to illness will only be marked present, if 45 minutes of the lesson is attended.
  4. The Dharul Ilm will not accept a child staying absent or arriving late due to a school trip/any other activity. Failure to comply will result in the child being marked absent or being removed from the Dharul Ilm.


  1. A child must be closely scrutinized at home to see whether purity of body and clothing is maintained, especially after going to the toilet.
  2. All children must be made aware of the importance of cleanliness – not standing and urinating; using water after relieving oneself; and making Wudhu before touching the Qur’an.
  3. All children must come to Dharul Ilm with clean and presentable clothing.