Milton Keynes has a sizeable Muslim population but the facilities to service it are quite inadequate; our aim is to build Fishermead Community Centre – Milton Keynes, to serve all communities and to overcome the current challenges.

This will be a place to gain knowledge, to educate and mentor the younger generation, to meet new people and find help. It will be a point of focus for the community to participate in various activities and strengthen itself.

The land for the proposed projects has been allocated by the Community Foundation of Milton Keynes at a subsidized price to us provided.

The Fishermead Community Centre has the aspiration to expand as well as to create a number of amenities to benefit the community; an ambition which without the security of a fixed place cannot be fully achieved, the more pertinent of which are:

  • Adequate space for Jummah (Friday) prayers in years to come in a central location.
  • Library and resource centre.
  • Daily Madressa (Quranic school) and other children’s classes.
  • Community hall to stage successful events and special occasions.
  • Annual daily breaking fast and Tarawih (night) prayers during Ramadan.
  • Adequate space for Eid prayers in years to come.
  • Children can also meet, play and participate in a range of activities in a monitored and safe environment.
  • ESOL (English Speakers of Foreign Languages) classes.
  • Gym Facilities.
  • Meeting and conference facilities.

Construction for the Centre in the Heart of Central Milton Keynes

The organisation is not-for-profit and a registered charity. The proposed project will be of benefit to the whole Muslim Community in Milton Keynes. SLMCF MK has an appropriate plan for sustainability and capital funding, and a Business Plan that encompasses the proposed project. It can demonstrate the capacity to run a large scale building project without compromising the core charitable activities of the organisation.

The activities included in this Project all have a positive direct or indirect impact on realising the vision as they are related to these objectives. The activities relate primarily to provide for:

  • A centre for community facilities to enable them to be used as multi-purpose centre providing prayer facilities, advice, opportunities for training, visitor facilities, community enterprises and other relevant community activity, creche facilities, environmental measurers and enhancement of accessibility.
  • Measures to create and develop community partnerships in conjunction with Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau and local development teams together with development of community enterprises including the encouragement of the adoption of good practice and co-operation amongst small enterprises by business networks, seminars and self-help group.


It has been assumed that the land adjacent to Local Centre,Fishermead Boulevard (0.37 acre) site was identified. Informal consultations with English Partnership and others with an understanding of processes involved in constructing and managing public buildings such as health centres, community centres, mosques, temples etc have all been involved.


The proposed development will comprise of two storey building of which the ground floor will provide for prayer facilities , library , kitchen, ablution and spaces for community gathering . The first floor will be dedicated for multi community activities , conference and meeting place and Gym.

Construction cost

The total basic building cost has been estimated at £0.9million. Capital cost: The total capital cost which include the cost of the land, construction cost and a contingency element of 10% of the total cost is £1.5million.


In determining the layout of the two storey building, we have also taken into account the potential for the project to generate rental income. This is in order for it to meet overhead costs and help make it self-sufficient in due course. Hire of premises would be for training facilities, seminars, public functions and leisure activities such as keep fit, aerobics. Many of these activities, apart from being recreational, can also have a positive impact on health and promoting good community relations.