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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of Fishermead Community Centre?

Milton Keynes has a sizeable Muslim population but the facilities to service its needs are inadequate and have been felt for decades. Alhamdulillah the Sri Lankan Muslim community, with the unprecedented support of the others, has taken up the challenge to establish Fishermead Community Centre in Milton Keynes and, Insha Allah we are confident of fulfilling this task with the support from the local and global Muslim community. Insha Allah, once the centre is completed, it will provide the entire Community of Milton Keynes with the following facilities.

    • Adequate space for Jummah (Friday) prayers and other congregational prayers.
    • Library and resource centre.
    • The teaching of Quran and Sunnah to children.
    • Community hall to stage successful events and special occasions.
    • Iftar and Tarawih (night) prayers during Ramadan.
    • To support other relevant needs of the Muslim community.
Briefly describe Muslim community of Milton Keynes.

The majority of Muslim ethnic community is concentrated in the Central Milton Keynes, Fishermead, Springfield and Oldbrook area and originates from The Middle East, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya and Somalia.

Although the inadequacies prevailing in the community were evident, the lack of resources due to the economic standards of the community, lack of community cohesion arising from the lack of facilities and the lack of a coordinated effort to address the inadequacies have all collectively contributed to the inability to embark on such a project in the past.

We are thankful to Allah for the excellent support we have had from the entire Community in Milton Keynes. The cohesion amongst the various nationalities has been so exemplary in the true sense of Islamic brotherhood that it is truly driving our project very progressively forward.

Milestones of Cultural Centre Project
      • A non-profit making organization has been set up with a dedicated team of members holding office.
      • The organization has obtained approval from the Charities Commission under reference number 1120439, so that we have a formal entity to coordinate donations and oversee the project implementation.
      • The local Member of Parliament Mark Lancaster has extended his support to see through the successful completion of the project.
      • Planning permission (Ref 11/02500/ful)has been granted by Milton Keynes Council to the Centre.