Project Docs

We encourage you to check all our documents on this project to know where all your contributions are spent. We believe in transparency in a community will help all of us to grow and share the value with each other. We have gathered many documents from the project, and presenting them with you via this page. If you need any other documents on this project, please ask us by mail at info[at] We’ll get in touch with you, very shortly.

Here are the documents.

  • Prospectus of Islamic Centre, Milton Keynes (PPTX file, 7.1MB)
  • Arabic Translation of the prospectus of Islamic Center, Milton Keynes (PDF file, 2.2MB)
  • Contractor’s Report – 1 (PDF file, 446KB)
  • Contractor’s Report – 2 (PDF file, 454KB)
  • Contractor’s Report – 3 (PDF file, 784KB)
  • Building Elevation – 1 (PDF, 682KB)
  • Building Elevation – 2 (PDF, 820KB)